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Wow. I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. Please do get better. I wanna hear from you again, Grooves.

Yeah my grandfather was in the army in WW2. Healthy as could be. Had 3 heart attacks. First one came about somehow. I have my theories as to why he had his first (guinea pig for experimental drugs), but I will never get confirmation. Also, smoking was his vice, too. (Never met him, died before I was even born!) Second came about some years later because his first one was incorrectly diagnosed. It damaged his heart this time and he didn't have much left of it after surgery. Not too long after number two, the third one killed him. He was 45.

Now that I have a year before I hit the big 30, I'm looking into what's important in life. Selling off or getting rid of things I'd never imagined I'd part with. Vidya just isn't as big a priority in my life anymore either. GTA V has been released? I couldn't care less.

Career wise: I've been doing this and that. Learned some automotive mechanics. The basics so now I can do common level work. Can't seem to find any solid employment, though.
Still scavenging electronic parts, or fixing when some appliance doesn't require a part costing $800 or special equipment or whatnot. In fact I'm looking to go to vocational/tech trade school. Would like to be an electronics service tech with my own biz.
Not sure if I want to go to a tech school for industrial electronic technology, like ITT, DeVry, U of Phoenix or if I want to maybe pursue digital arts. Getting into 3D modeling and rendering. Feeling a bit artistic too.

Family: Some F*** nut crashed his bus sized RV into my folks' jeep. CA Laws for right of way on a highway, AND the evidence quite clearly supports my folks not being at fault. But somehow the CHP officer found my parents at fault and claimed they hit the other guy, plus played with semantics and took advantage of what my father said. Something fishy here, like the officer getting paid off. Looked up oaf boy in the RV, he's a multimillionaire government scientist. Strangely certain testimony that would otherwise contradict the officer's erroneous report is missing, conveniently. Because deference is given to officers of the law, they can pretty much slam the lid shut on the case without ever looking into the evidence no matter what. Meanwhile my folks were injured, albeit minorly. And the nicest vehicle they had was totaled.

Have a roommate right now who plays SWTOR, I'm piggybacking his account, so if you're a subbed member and you ever want to start a character on the Bergeren colony server, PM me here and I'll be more than happy to hang out with you.

I'm currently building a new PC. Gaming, rendering, 3D modeling, programming microchips, video production, similar stuff.

In the meantime, I hear you on having to get back into shape. Soda is one of the hardest vices to break yourself of, too. But I have additional motivation: Type 2 diabetes runs in the family. I'm showing some minor precursor symptoms warning me I'd better change my lifestyle if I don't want to contract it.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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