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went to race for the cure...omfg my shins decided to **** me in the ass....... ended up only running like a mile before saying **** it all and walking the rest. lmao next year, bitches!!!!

weighed myself this morning...holy **** i weighed at 216!!!! last year i only weighed 175. crazy. and i'm eating healthy, haven't touched mcdonalds once, been going to the ****in gym every ****in day. idk why i'm not losing any weight. maybe i should just run more? idk...i'm not giving up. got myself a pair of boxing gloves (level 1) that work for bag, mitt, and sparring. $20 at kmart they were on clearance, everlast brand. also got some weighted mma mitts for $3. at least there's a bag at the gym i can train with.

gonna play some GTA V for a few hours, take a nap, go to church then pick up my friend and go out to eat and to a night club in wilkes barre. havent been down that way in forever.

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