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I've DL and installed this, tanks a lot
The game is starting, i'll come back later when i'll play this mod content (that might take ages as my free time is limited atm) but i think it would work. Thanks you a lot either for disponibily and amazingly helping posts.

I have another strange issue.
Previous week i deleted the game to start a re-installation with mods etc, and after starting the new one i noticed that i had only the CD n1 , so i cannot installed it . I've downloaded the iso of the game for my install (i'm not a patient guy... ^^ ) and it works fine, expect that when i've installed of the mods (i cant tell wich one is doing this bug, didnt try during the process) , i cant play with my virtual CD (original CD cannot be found or authenticated) or with the SecuROM patch too (even if its originally for vista issues i've tryed) it detect thats its an emulator.
With my real CD (as now i'm back to my apartment) , no problem, everything works fine.

This is not a problem as i still can play, but my curiosity dont want to let me in peace. Any idea of why this odd bug is appearing ? How to fix it eventually ?
Sorry for all thoses questions, that's a... i dont know the english terms but in literals terms it would be "professional deformation" . I' am freacking curious about informatics facts/odd bugs.
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