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Originally Posted by Wildstar View Post
Yeah, the problem is with the original X-Wing engine, b/c it had speed-limiting code (not sure what that was supposed to help with), but, at very fast CPU speeds, it introduced bugs such as the one described and one in one other mission (not sure which one, but also from TOD V) where a CRS never hypers out. Using a utility to actually slow down the CPU might help if setting the speed in DOSBox doesn't.

FYI, the Collector Series version of X-Wing (for Win9X) used the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter engine, so wasn't affected by this bug.
Yeah, they always used kinda the most up to date engine, the Collector's Edition of X-Wing (DOS) uses the Tie-Fighter one, except for the SVGA and other updates not in use by X-Wing. Question always is, how well it is adjusted. Such ports can cause further troubles.

I've been always playing the DOS versions, keep 'prehistoric' hardware here, and a couple of joysticks. Just stress free. Install, play. Okay, sometimes there's EMM386 errors, but I know how to get around these and sometime when I'll be bored I'll set up a multi-boot start menu for DOS again. Currently only 2 games I play use EMM386 so I start these by boot disk.

Came across this mission you mention, too. When I checked the file with X-Ed (the editor I used) there was a flag missing, without it the cruiser cannot jump out, no matter what. One flag set and it went home as was meant to.

Another mission (or is it the same),also pretty buggy is similar, except there at least in the briefing is mentioned Y-Wings should launch later and attack the imperial frigate. Think they arrived 2:30 in mission. Just the Calamari jumps out so fast (within 1 min?) that never ever any Y-Wings launch (as they are timer triggered) ... so I adjusted the mission, put the hyper out point further away, so that Y-Wings get to launch, as otherwise the mission is a little dull. At least in my opinion. And as it is mentioned in the briefing now it's the way it should have been.

Haven't played the W95 version, but I found that many errors aren't existent in the original English release, I have the German localized version. The graphics are better, and I like the additional frame around the targeted ship, better visibility from a distance. Wing Commander had that from day one.

I wonder if there'll every be a really good space sim. Okay, Star Citizen is in the making, but I think effect isn't the same, remember the first games with Sound Blaster support. Polygons, though it looked like crap, made you only 'wow'.
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