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Originally Posted by Col_Zechs View Post
The beta that is out is different than the demo?
The Demo and beta are the same.

Basically its a Demo (beta) due to the lack of VO and there will be changes made for the Act1-or the first half of the game which will include what you played but with tweaks, and more polish. =)

Want to hi to everyone, and let you all know I'm alive and so is the project. I know it has been some time I have posted an update.

I'm actually putting one together as I type this to you. I want to have it ready to post to all the forums at once.

I want to say to everyone, thank you.
All the support and feedback you guys give keeps myself and the people working on the project excited. Thank you.

In the next day or two I post I have written about whats going on/ update.

This post will either be edited or I will do a new post depending on if someone posts after me,....don't want to double post =)

Ok thats all for tonight but I will be back here very soon.... =)


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