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interesting...that girl i dated 3 weeks ago provided me with 'date feedback' now im somewhat inclined to subscribe in order to see what she put. clever strategy, pof!!!!!!!!

got a buncha bull**** today. followed by a possibly awesome weekend that i've been looking forward to for about a year. first i got a speech which i'm practically winging, 2nd is algebra quiz which i just hope i dont have trouble with...and last is this damn computer class which im just going to get a 75 or 80 on i dont care at the moment because the way it's set up is **** all.

gotta charge up my 9V batteries and Electronic Trigger for my paintball gun, get some ACUs together for me and my friends to wear at paintball, clean my paintball mask, ensure i have everything ready, then meeting my friend at 5 tonight and heading to his parents' place hopefully with the other friend too...he's "on the fence" for no reason about it, pretty retarded. who wouldn't want to go paintballing, bonfire with beer and pizza, shooting mother ****ers. it's going to be fun as hell and the weather is supposed to be great this weekend. and i think he has other plans with this girl that blew us off last week, he's just not telling me. lmao..

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