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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Yeah that does sound better, way to deflect, they didn't say people in the media, they said Libs. Sure some in the media are Libs, but not all Libs are in the media.

also bad Obama for wanting to prevent mass shootings, that is so un-American.
When you combine that with all of his other statements on gun control, Yeah the way he goes about it is bad. His conclusion has almost always been more gun control.

I wasn't deflecting ANYTHING. I'm saying that BOTH progressive AND conservative media outlets enjoy this kind of thing. It gives them both something they enjoy talking about that their viewers and listeners tune in for. But for some reason you want to focus on the conservative media. Meanwhile the progressive media were talking about him roaming the halls with an AR-15... OOPS he had a shotgun... Well he was going to buy an AR-15 in another state, but was stopped by gun control. Oops that was ALSO a lie as buying a rifle OR shotgun goes through the same process. Only pistols are different. Gee, I wonder why pro-2a people think there's some agenda to remove their firearms.

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