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Mod (idea)

Well before you jump on me for this, I know that the likely-hood of someone trying this are low. I'm putting this here just in case someone on the site might offer suggestions for it, and/or if anyone would like to do this or help with this, also so i don't forget it just in case i want to do it later (since I'm wanting to work on a Kotor 2 mod first that's huge). Anyways now that that's over here it is:

The idea is to corrects something that bothers me; there are only two sides in the galactic conquest mode. When thinking about it, Conquest should not be over just be over one group, there should be several, here are my 'faction' ideas (if possible):

*the tusken raiders (with enslaved jawa's, might be able to use the hunt jawas and sand people for this, and the jawas from tatooine who just go around repairing)
* The wookies and ewoks, On endor and kysyyk, I think for hunt there are two units of Ewoks and for normal play the clones or the rebels get a unit of wookies to help them.
*the hutt's could have units to be made up to look like either gommoreans, those palace guard guys, and bounty hunters.
*Droid insurgents (For the civil war only) would be around probably since people would see that they were an effective weapon against the empire at one point.

Ok so the faction ideas may expand and become more organized with later edits. anyways, I also have map ideas that would add to this galactic conquest (if possible):

*Alderaan for the clone wars, a map similar to the naboo one, with several edits.
*A couple of asteroid maps similar to polis masa since that level seemed to have potential for a land space battle mix (Maybe if possible port over parts of paragus from kotor 2 since that could make an awesome battle site)
*A dantooine level
*A Korriban level
*An Onderon level with maybe a map of Dxun as well
*A nal hutta, Nar shadaa level/map for the hutts secondary world

Not all or any of those would need to be made, but might add to the battle field so to speak, Now for questions:

1) Is there a way to make the battles bigger than just 16 people, like can you make it 50 people with reinforcements of 450? Is there a way to increase the points for space battles?

2) Is there a way to make it so space battle treat the two command points (one on each ship) as Command centers that can be captured

3) Can ai control heroes and is there a way to make more than one hero in a battle at once (I.E. Have Han Solo, Chewie, and Luke for the rebels, and have Darth Vader, the Emperor, and Boba Fett for the imperials)?

4) Is there a way to make several more heroes?

Any advice, suggestions, comments, feedback and otherwise helpful remarks would be nice, I want this to be fleshed out before anything happens with it, it seems like it would be bigger than the one i want to make for Kotor which will take me years to compllete anyways
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