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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
Yes... That would have inspired me to get a Wii U... just like Rogue Leader inspired me to get the Gamecube back-in-the-day.
Me too. The moment I saw footage of Rogue Leader, I knew I had to get a GameCube. To this day it's the only console I've ever bought at launch (or even the first year it was out).

I mean... Canceling already completed games? What's up with that? At least put it up on the XBox Live and/or Playstation stores for download at that point. Even without any fanfare, you're gonna make something on them.
I can sort of understand finishing a AAA game and then not releasing it, since marketing costs can often equal or surpass the development budget these days. But yeah, it just seems like they should have been able to do something. The article even said there were other companies interested in investing in getting 1313 out the door. I guess it was a matter of these games not fitting in with the direction of the franchise, because God forbid your franchise includes kick-ass games
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