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Hi everyone,

Welcome to a RoR update-

I want to first tell you what has been going on in my life.
Iím right now in California looking for work that means I do not have access to my Pc desktop that is in NJ. Iím using a Mac that means I am unable to build/mod in game mechanics but I can still write and work on other parts of the mod/game.

The plan is to get a PC laptop by the end of the coming month =)

As for those who might worry about the project, I will not stop. My passion for this project only grows- I'm here to finish this =)

Ok, onto the more fun part of the update:

I donít have any in game pics but I do have some images from 3dsmax of the Raptorís interior and some new changes to them. This is the method being used in designing the maps now. So itís a matter of going into the game and placing the items into the actual game modules.

The first image is the over view of the Raptor. You might notice some tweaks to what is inside.

Show spoiler

This is an image of Nindoís room. You will see a bed as well as other placeables to make the area look as if someone is living in the room. The Raptor is a ship that Nindo and Kaila live on and I wanted to make the player feel that when walking around.

Show spoiler

This shows Kailaís room.

Show spoiler

The two are of the cockpit and the cell (where in kotor2 you found HK). There has been some changed to the skin of the module plus the Cell is the place where a captive NPC is placed- behind a force-field door.

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

RoR will not have swoop racing mini games, no turret mini games and possibly no pazaak mini game (unsure yet on the pazaak). This move is to keep the focus of the mod/game on the story and playerís experience. I rather put the extra energy in the modís main content then the mini games.

RoR Trust System 2.0

I know I have talked about the Trust System that was built on the existing kotor2ís influence system. I have looked at this system and reviewed it as work has been going on with the content after the demo and came to a conclusion.
The +1/-1 system doesnít fit with what Iím aiming to do in RoR. So I created a new system that will allow a stronger focus on the playerís choices and how they impact their relationship with the other party members and factions.

The new system (Trust System 2.0) will be based around choice/events/actions.
Now how this is different then the influence and past trust system is- the system makes checks based on themes and on going issues/conflicts that the player and party members have gone through.

Examples of this if placed in kotor2-

Lets say the Exile makes choices during the game that is anti Republic. Mical decides to contact the Republic and report information about the Exile to his contacts. This can lead to added cut scenes or quests, etc. The code would only check on how you interacted with key points in the game that involve the Republic and not wither you did light or dark side choices. The focus is on the theme.

This allows RoR writers to bring up topics/themes from earlier in the game and build on the emotional tension created from the past choices. Players will not be able to game the system since what you made choices on are centered on an exact topic/theme/issue so you canít use another choice to help over ride the negative impact from an earlier choice. This new system nicely fits in how we are handling main and side quests in RoR.

And lastÖ.
I was talking to a person in the kotor community and he suggested an idea, which I talked to a team member about and we agreed with it- I know you guys have been waiting for some time for the next release and to help with the large length of time, It has been decided that the RoRís PC player heads (not sure if all will be in it) will be released as a mod for kotor2. I have already talked to redrob and this mod will be released in the next few weeks. Itís a way to say thanks for the constant support. Soon you will be able to play kotor2 TSLRCM with RoR PC alien heads.

Thatís all for now,



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