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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
And last….
I was talking to a person in the kotor community and he suggested an idea, which I talked to a team member about and we agreed with it- I know you guys have been waiting for some time for the next release and to help with the large length of time, It has been decided that the RoR’s PC player heads (not sure if all will be in it) will be released as a mod for kotor2. I have already talked to redrob and this mod will be released in the next few weeks. It’s a way to say thanks for the constant support. Soon you will be able to play kotor2 TSLRCM with RoR PC alien heads.
While Logan is in California, I'm vacationing in Las Vegas (shows you where my priorities are, since I'm more interested in modding ). I'll be home at the end of this week, which will make it easier to post here than using my iPhone on the hotel's wifi . Anyway, I can't guarantee a timeframe for the stand alone head mods. They still need Dark Side transitions for all of the face textures and portraits. Also, I want to modify each body model so that there are versions with three fingers (for the Arkanians), which will take a while. There's also the female Devaronian heads to try and fix (again). To make things easier, I will release them in smaller packs, based on species.

Remember, I've made over 150 heads, so it won't be instantaneous. I will try my best to be quick

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