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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I thought Kaila and Atinah were big time swoop bike fanatics. Where do they keep their bikes?

Nindo's bed looks way too tidy . Does TSL have a messy bed or small cot placeable? Maybe he just sleeps on a pile of straw? Is the workbench still in that room?

I think the open grates on the floor look perfect for the rag-tag, barely getting by, bare bones team of Kaila & Nindo.
lol, will toss a swoop bike in there somewhere.

Nindo's bed is so neat because he ends up working late and usually crashes on the floor since he is too tired to get to the bed,lol. There wasn't any other bed which felt right in sense of size or texture. Can always edit the texture and the hex edit in.

Awesome about this release. On another note, logan23, in the Raptor, don't you think it would be appropriate to remove the grate from the "garage"? Make-it look newer?
Good idea- I will see about changing the texture to a more solid one.

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