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Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
so ... if I don't have TSLRCM and don't plan to add it ... I "should" or might install the Modified Restoration plus just the 3 files from the \Alternate, Added Installations\Non-TSLRCM Install Addons\For Override folder ... right, FG??

the other "Pure" install is just to avoid tweaking with 2das??

thx on advance!
Yes, if you wanted to install the added content installation, and you want to do so without TSLRCM and via the TSL Patcher, you would have to run the TSL Patcher added content installation and then, once that was done, navigate to \Alternate, Added Installations\Non-TSLRCM Install Addons\For Override and drop the files from there into the override.

However, just to clarify, both the added content and pure restoration installations modify .2DA files. The difference between the two installations lies in their goals.

The added content installation installs a less "pure" restoration of Dustil. I felt that Dustil's storyline within the game was too short and too abrupt. Thus, I set out to add about 20-40 minutes of content for him. This content was designed to introduce and end his part within the game in a more, at least in my opinion, satisfactory way.

Yet I knew that some would rather have Dustil restored only to the point that Obsidian's vision, or at least close to it as I could get, allowed. That is why I made the pure restoration. It is similar to TSLRCM, in that it attempts to restore Dustil to the game with the least amount of non-Obsidian content added as possible, allowing for a more "pure" restoration of Dustil.

To sum it up, the pure installation is as close to Obsidian's left behind vision as possible. While the added content installation, takes liberties and adds non-Obsidian ideas and plots to resolve Dustil's part within the game.

Originally Posted by milestails View Post

Your readmes are always very detailed and informative. I think your format/content should serve as a model for other modders.
Thanks. I actually based the layout of my ReadMe off of Silveredge9's BOS:SR ReadMe, so credit should go his way, too.

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