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Red face Yep. Great. And even more suitable for HK50s

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I always did like the blue eyes for the HK-50's as they pop out well with the brushed steel look. Any chance for release two versions - one with your yellow eyes and one with them blue?
Originally Posted by Malpense View Post
Though this is a beautiful skin, I think HK's 'rusty red' look is too iconic to be taken away from him. As Sith Holocron said, it would be great for the HK-50s
Originally Posted by DuckfromPortal View Post
"HK-47 has always been one of my favourite KOTOR characters, but I've never liked the brown colour scheme. I was inspired by PROXY's design in TFU to reskin him. He now has grey and grey-purple plating, as well as yellow eyes, more wires, and "electricity" things near his hips.

Also, would it be considered porting to use this for TSL (this was made using the KOTOR 1 skin)? The TSL version basically just has a few colour changes, which this skin completely redos. If it is porting, I'll make a TSL version."
Originally Posted by Codeluke View Post
Dang that looks really good, I'd be using it if I didn't already like HK's "vintage" look like Sith Holocron and Malpense stated
so? can I just copy/paste these into TSL Override as C_HK50 and C_HK51 tgas or not, dude/s?? porting or not?

thanks alot

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