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Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
and good to hear Kreia is mixed in all this ... as always ... now; just finished TSL patcher Modified content install. Only 2 warnings refering revan.dlg ... file skipped. Here's that portion of the installlog:

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after this, I copied Override files from the \Alternate, Added Installations\Non-TSLRCM Install Addons\For Override folder, including the 11 kb revan dlg.

but the tslpatchdata Modified Restoration folder has a 27 kb revan dlg larger file ... so ... is the 11 kb the "proper" file or I do need to edit the 27 kb tslpatchdata file to apply those unapplied changes ... FG??
(in this last case, I'm gonna be bothering u, or better, u just send me the "final" revan dlg to me instead of me trying to decipher changes.ini )

thanks alot on advance
You did the right thing by putting the one from the Non-TSLRCM Install Addons folder into the override. The one the TSL Patcher installs by default is so much larger because the patcher caters to TSLRCM, and TSLRCM added 2 extra trees to that dialogue file. The one in the Non-TSLRCM Install Addons folder is just that - non-TSLRCM. It's just been modified to reflect a few changes I made to that dialogue.

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