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Wink Well ...

Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
You did the right thing by putting the one from the Non-TSLRCM Install Addons folder into the override. The one the TSL Patcher installs by default is so much larger because the patcher caters to TSLRCM, and TSLRCM added 2 extra trees to that dialogue file. The one in the Non-TSLRCM Install Addons folder is just that - non-TSLRCM. It's just been modified to reflect a few changes I made to that dialogue.
great! so ... recommended a fresh playthrough (as usual) or I'll be good running this from ... level 10? 14?

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Why u no use TSLRCM
*sad kitty picture here*

Anyway, extended mod sounds interesting. I should remember that if I want to play KOTOR2 again. For now can't really do so lest I 'polute' my TSLRCM / M4-78EP testing :/
haha. TSLRCM. I have a mod of mine not fully "friendly" with it plus many other minor tweaks (mine) "related" to TSLRCM done before TSLRCM release. Of course my tweaks (mostly other modders mods actually lately tweaked to my taste) don't cover all of TSLRCM obviously.

if u could only take a look at my Override after Dustil Restoration ... now it's around 5870 files plus 15 alternative folders to switch to within Override ... heh heh. Obviously for TSLRCM I'd need a new Override from scratch.

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
" For now can't really do so lest I 'polute' my TSLRCM / M4-78EP testing :/"
haha. good luck with that. I don't have that planet. The only one I'm missing I think. I don't recall the precise reason why I didn't install but I'm sure it was for something ...

thanks both

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