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went to my parents to carve a pumpkin for my turned out awesome. my oldest nephew can say a few words that make sense now, he knew what the pumkin was. also got to check out the kayak i's missing the oars/paddles....i don't know if it was supposed to come with them. guess not, just checked the website and when i get around to taking that out gotta go buy some paddles...not sure the price on them, once my uc comes in i'll have to do some shopping around.

also since hunting season starts for me in a few weeks i grabbed both of my rifles, going to get them nice and cleaned up, pretty sure they're still zero'd since i haven't fired them in quite a while. will have to go to the range with my buddy someday soon.

finished watching the final season of Spartacus. cried. such a good series.

stepped on the scale this morning and i'm down to 209, at least for this morning...still hoping to lose 3 pounds a week. also went running this morning, 3 minute intervals. seem to be getting easier, not as much pain, i just wish to get faster and be able to run at a steady speed for longer...really want an 8 minute/mile pace.

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