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Ah yes, I remember how every trailer felt the need to have those slowly receding white lines of text imitating the early Episode I trailers ("every saga has a beginning...").

Also, don't ever trust "" (mickey suttle's web page) Every time a new Star Wars product comes around, he has tons of fake news, and claims credit for stuff, even though it's complete BS. This has been confirmed by the official pages every time, but still apparently some people believe him.

At this point, anything is up for grabs. Nobody really knows what the Sequels will be like. Most of the fan treatments I've seen (in whatever forms) show a real lack of imagination, or are overly dependent upon previously existing materials. In truth, just as we saw Lucas shatter expectations by making the Prequels up as he went along, there's no telling what a new director or set of directors will do with a "Sequel" trilogy. It could be great, or terrible. We just have to wait and see...

But my bets are that not only is there not some "secret script" from the 1970's that will be used to create these new films, but that it's unlikely any fragments of material we do know about, or that have been floating around or used in the Expanded Universe will become the basis of the new movies. They might throw in some tidbits for fans, but I'm sure whatever is produced will be to rake in as much money as possible. The whole point is that Disney bought out the franchise so they could profit from it. So I am fully prepared that the "continuity" will be twisted around even more, rather than adhered to, in the new installments.

I've gotten a little burned out on Star Wars lately, but that doesn't mean I won't go see them. I just am not dying to see them either, and keeping my expectations low.

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