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Bug in hector casino, help needed

Hi all,

I'm replaying this fantastic game lately, I'm at the year 4 in the Hector's Casino. You're supposed to launch the sheet on Charlie who's playing the slotmachine, and there is an agent supposed to be here so that you can talk him to modify the slotmachine.
The problem is that I spoke once to this guy, then he "left" somewhere into the 3D environment, so I can't make the Charlie stuff, and I can't get out of the casino neither.

I'm stuck cause I only have one recent saved file and I don't want to start over.
I found saved game files
but once I put them in the right directory, he says it's impossible to load them.
I guess it's because of the dialog files in the same directory (grimlog##.htm files) because with the downloads only come the .gsv files.

I'm playing with RESIDUAL VM on a mac. Any help appreciated.
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