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For a start, I recommend posting a bug report on the ResidualVM issue tracker and including your saved game, so this problem can be fixed for when you next decide to replay the game and/or other people do the same.

I'm not sure what can be done about the saved game issue, maybe the ResidualVM team can advise on that. The saved games are very old though, I know because I put them there 8+ years ago. I'm currently building a whole new collection of saved games while playing through with ResidualVM, but I'm far behind where you are right now. Maybe in a week or two I'll have caught up.

One last resort you could try is to open up the game in debug mode, and then use Ctrl+P or whatever the command is to skip through the game's scenes. While this isn't ideal because script changes probably won't be logged properly, if you skip to a fairly 'clean' spot such as the beginning of Year 4 it might work.

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