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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
there's no ****ing reason they should be closing down memorials. or parks for that matter.
Maybe... Maybe not... but then: I'm not the one who would be responsible if someone got hurt on one of the monument locations or deep in a park somewhere with no staff around to deal with the problem... or the one having to deal later with vandalism or just general trash dumping by visitors with nobody scheduled to come around and clean it up. Having government closed to "all non-essential personnel" means no staff to keep an eye on open air monuments or parks. And having no security for these places, but still lots of visitors would make a pretty good target for terrorist acts, don'tcha think? But maybe we should just let them stay wide open with no supervision, and just see what happens... Just don't act surprised if it's anything bad.

But, my point: to lay all the blame for the ****storm going down in D.C at the feet of one guy, when both sides have been acting in a way that would make 4-year-olds fighting over the toys in the sandbox embarrassed isn't totally fair. He's not blameless... but the other side is doing a pretty good job of being asshats themselves on this matter.

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