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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
it's his fault for refusing to negotiate.....

but yeah i say we just burn the capital to the ground and start fresh, ie; term limits for ALL politicians.

also, why is his golf course open, why are they kicking people off their own private property?
AFAIK, golf courses are rarely if ever public property. But most services available to both Congress and the Executive branch remain in operation during a shutdown. There's a Congressional Gym being funded as well...

Personally, I would need some sense that the other side was open to any kind of negotiation, and that hasn't been the case as far as I've seen. It's been: "You just give us everything we demand, you get less than nothing in return, and maybe we'll think about keeping the government open and the country from defaulting."

That's not really a negotiation stance... that's a hostage situation/ ransom demand.

But whatever... I'd like to see all of them unemployed ASAP.

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