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yeah idk, times like these i'm glad i don't have cable tv...too many things on it and politics just makes me angry. (specifically the gun control freaks such as diane feinstein, and the utter lack of respect towards veterans. I just keep telling myself that in a few months this will all blow over and everything will be alright. that's all i can do.

Trivia night was fun, it wasn't bible trivia though, but because i was there, my team won! i got a coupon for a free 32 oz drink from the place we were at, so that's awesome.

gonna hit the gym in a few hours...working shoulders, hopefully it's fun. almost finished with my first bottle of preworkout...hopefully the other flavor is better tasting.

now i'm stuck deciding whether to watch some more episodes of breaking bad or play some video games or swtor, or take a nap.

tomorrow i have to study up on algebra...simplifying expression fractions stuff. it's very slowly making sense each class period, but also gives me a freaking headache.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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