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Realistically, the Tea Party, backed by the Koch Brothers and other very very wealthy American's aiming to continue to keep the status quo of Washington has failed. Miserably. The extreme rhetoric of the Tea Party Republicans have essentially backed them into the corner. If they sit down and negotiate and let the Affordable Care Act continue, and it is a success, they will be voted out off office by their jury rigged constituency. Their only option is to, essentially, hold the government hostage.

Due to the need for the debt ceiling to be raised by Congress, it is critical legislation. If it is not passed, the government, and the Affordable Care Act, slowly bankrupts itself as it will default on it's loans. By holding the debt ceiling legislation up, the Tea Party Republicans have Obama by the nutsack.

HOWEVER, Obama is not an idiot. He, and his White House staff, are FINALLY playing somewhat dirty with the Tea Party Republicans. Does it look childish? **** yeah, but this case you have to fight the fire with a bigger fire.

Obama is essentially painting the Tea Party Republican's as obstructionist, and has come out stating, "Acknowledging this tactic would set a precedent for hostage level politics. They can come to the White House to negotiate, or the government shuts down." This put everything BACK onto the Republicans. Which let the government shutdown.

Note, the Republicans were hoping that the government shutdown would ruin Obama with the polls and public opinion. What they did not count on is the day the Affordable Care Act went live for signups.... the American Public DDoS'd the website. It is one of the MOST POPULAR government programs launched since Social Security and Medicaid. Add in the loss of parks, revocation of veteran's benefits, the Republican's look like a bunch of retards.

So, yeah, this sucks. Big time. But most of it comes from, if you look at the recent history, the upholding of Citizen's United in the Supreme Court, which let corporations and the wealthy have no limits on campaign donations. You though Washington was Buy a Politician before? Well look at it since. It's worse. Far worse. And it's come to this.

God I hate being a Republican right now. >.<

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