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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
1st amendment right violation:

forcing people to have health insurance, by imposing a fine without having it.
You might believe that, but your wrong. The supreme court supported the constitutionality of the Affordable care act
The government is not providing the health insurance, it is still being provided by private insurance companies
Thus your argument that the Government is violation the first amendment is invalid.

And please tell me what federal law has been passed since 2009 that has restricted the 2nd amendment? Oh wait, there was none. Even with the Sandy Hook shootings nothing was done on the federal level

Sorry to say, but the average person is not the deciding factor on whether a law is constitutional or not. it is the US supreme court does that. Just because you THINK, have a gut feeling, or something goes contrary to you interpretation of the laws, does not invalidate the law.

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