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Wink hey ...

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post

(FYI, 1.8.2 is the latest version, and it's version of Zbyl's arrival is changed from the mod-version for download, as per many users request.)
Yep. Just did a quick harddisk search only ... downloading 1.8.2 then ... however (again) from deadlystream or -your- upload, I still do find only an exe installer ...

no one can simply mail me 4 or 5 files if I don't need the WHOLE mod??
(files seem to be: a_104per_enter.ncs, a_con_atton_end.ncs, a_playpermov.ncs, a_setsion.ncs and 154HAR.mod, I already have the biks)

thanks Hassat

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