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Post Great!

Originally Posted by Kainzorus Prime View Post

Why wouldn't you want to download the absolutely massive improvement that is TSLRCM, I don't know, however.
finally! thanks a lot ... meaning, now it worked ... it was the same kotorfiles link after all; 2 days down for me ...

Reasons to "reject" TSLRCM? here u go (and there are more if I check my Override "closely" yep, I know there are )

some incompatible mods:
1) Handmaiden Choice for Females by Stoffe (there is a fix for this?)
2) Khoonda Lost rooms by Darth_Tartarus
3) my Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex
4) my Telos Polar plateau sidequest 1.2
5) Darth Sion vs Master Vash by zbyl2 (this should be in TSLRCM I suppose)
6) Admirality Mod by Jinger
7) many utcs and dlgs edited by me to add minor tweaks like Kreia.dlg
8) etc etc

thanks for your feedback

TSL Mods
Nar Shaddaa hidden complex http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef..._Complex;91257
Mandalorian camo Armors in-game
Telos polar plateau sidequest 1.2

KotOR Mods
A lost sith in a nameless world http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...ss_World;96040
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