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The 'false install' method should work, but since most files are in the .MOD it would take a metric ton of extracting work. Still would be easier to work the other way around (making other mods work with TSLRCM). As for your questions;

Is made for 1.8.1 though, doesn't quite work perfectly for 1.8.2 or M4-78EP. Will update once 1.8.3 is done though.
2) Yeah, that's incompatible.
3) The area is already unlocked by TSLRCM.
4) Point. I know some people would like a TSLRCM compatible version though, and the easiest way to do that is with TSLRCM
5) Negatory, not in TSLRCM. But with M4-78EP she's on M4-78. Still wont fight Sion though.
6) Included in TSLRCM.
7) Yeah, the companion dialogues are obviously heavily modified by TSLRCM. But if it's minor tweaks it's easier to add them, than to add what we did to the vanilla version + modifications.
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