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getting ready for my trip to VA. looks like that chick ive been texting, or rather appears she is living with her ex boyfriend...turned me down to go to philly, maybe i'm assuming but i asked what brought her to PA and she said 'a guy' and proceeded to say it didnt work out romantically so i'm assuming that's her roommate, and her roommates bday is next week, thinking of just dropping her, not sure if she's worth my time...doesn't like hunting or fishing, which is a big part of PA for me, meh i'm one picky ****er....but if we go on a date, it'll be fun either way i prolly won't pursue it if i get turned down again, however she does seem like a nice we'll see. if i get turned down again by her, i'm gonna move on to the next one. my goal is at least 1 date a month, and so far since i been back it has been that way. i dated my ex for about a week, got 1 date last month, and should have a date this month. my confidence increases with each date. lol

think next week i'll put more hours in at the gym. this week was lacking!!!

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