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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
The Current "Tea Party" has no plan. They want less taxes and less spending, but cannot agree on what to cut. it is all stump speeches and talking points without any real plan. heck, even the Paul Ryan budget put the savings from the affordable care act into it.
Agreement is always difficult, but individuals certainly do have plans. But in any case, this is certainly not "maintaining the status quo." Taxing and spending less would be unprecedented for either Republicans or Democrats.

THe only thing they could agree on was to push a dead budget that defunded the Affordable Care act
Since that's what a lot of them were specifically elected for in the first place, I'd say they did at least the minimum of what they were supposed to do. There is too much division in the Republican party to accomplish much of anything. But the Tea Partiers are at least offering an alternative, fiscally conservative approach, if only in principle. I'm not sure what the rest of the Republicans are doing...trying to maintain the status quo, it looks like. I don't see how they will ever win another presidential election if they keep putting people like John McCain and Mitt Romney up there. What do they have to offer that we haven't seen (and experienced the failure of) a dozen times before?
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