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Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander View Post
Since that's what a lot of them were specifically elected for in the first place, I'd say they did at least the minimum of what they were supposed to do.
The biggest obstacle to that agenda:

1.) This is Obama's signature legislation that he managed to get though, and will, for better or worse, be the primary legacy of his Presidency. All Presidents think about the legacy they are leaving in the 2nd term... pretty much above everything else.


2.) He's not up for re-election. Since he can't run again, he can be as obstructionist as he wishes to whatever the opposition brings to the table. It might hurt his own party politically... but short of impeachment proceedings, there's very little anyone can do to him personally in the arena of politics that can damage his career from this point on. So what does he have to lose by holding out on this one? If the economy goes bust from a default, it's unlikely the way things have been framed and positioned that he will take the brunt of the blame, or the fallout at the next election cycle.

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