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I'm glad you people are enjoying it. I'm not sure why I'm apathetic to it.
In fact I realize now, taking my roommate to gamestop for the midnight release of the new pokemon, I haven't been to gamestop to actually buy anything in over a year.

Perhaps it's just such a long history and that I have done all that I care to do with it.

Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
...the last GTA that I played was San Andreas, a pretty huge improvement for me obviously cause san andreas was on original xbox...I do like that you do not lose your weapons or ammo when you die. can't wait to do co-op with my buddies.
Yeah. That was implemented in GTA IV, if I am not mistaken.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Just started the game. Really enjoying it, it's a big city on an enormous island.
All GTA games since GTA3 are like that, probably to make the border of the entire game's map a little less unseemly.

Not to far into the story yet; but liking the characters thus far. Not to mention the crazy TV shows and hilarious radio post and commercials. GTA at its best!
This your first GTA game? I was immersed like this back in vice city. Yeah it's common fare. I'd expect nothing less.

Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
Good game, but like all GTA games, I never play them again once I have completed them.
Same here. And this time around...I'm kinda 'meh' towards the franchise now.

Guess I'm patrolling this thread hoping for something terribly new to suddenly jump up as an excuse to check it out. Don't really know what my lack of interest is caused from.

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