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Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
To Darth, Revan wasn't a Mary Sue to start with.
Perhaps I did not make clear, it's the fanboyism that made Revan such.

What of the greater compliants about Revan's supposed tactial genius and his Leeory Jenkins nature during the planning and attack of the Sith Emperor. Due to Scourge being a Sith and Him being a Former Sith, His trust of Scourge is an idiot ball moment. Same with Jedi Exile trusting him as well. there is a difference in using a person to their gain and being naive about their nature. Both of them are students of Kreia; So using people is a part of her Teachings; so is not trusting people fully either.
Can you explain to me what other alternatives there actually were as the story actually stands?

While I agree with you on a tactical standpoint, I never got the impression from Revan or the Exile that either one of them particularly trusted their ally. In fact I am petty sure Revan had little to nothing to say to scourge for that very reason in the cave. The Exile also was a hair's breadth away from "whipping out [her] lightsaber, and start chopping off heads" during their rescue mission of Revan from the quarters of Darth Nyriss.

As portrayed, Scourge would have preferred that they killed the Sith Emperor but that wasn't likely to happen. He very much regretted and loathed what he had to do both in the immediate and looking back some three centuries later.

Plus the theory that the more used the force is by fewer (and really it works that way on the light and the dark), the less there is for others tends to have validity here. Scourge saw Nathema, he came to realize following the Emperor would eventually lead him and all other life to this terrible result. The other Sith were too much more concerned over the infighting with each other. This is by design. Scourge began changing his own views when he realized a Jedi outsider would stand a better chance.

Yet even so they proved insufficient for the task. So I think a fair question would be what you would do in Scourge's situation.

- Hand picked by the 1 milennia old Emperor Vitiate himself to investigate the darths on the council. So he's got his finger on your pulse and you're currently the best duelist of the empire's underlings
- Nyriss setting you up so that Emperor Vitiate would simply kill you too just to be on the safe side should you decide to betray her.
- The council are, for the most part, each a bit more powerful than you.
- The council are too busy fighting with, and betraying, each other to ever mount a significant threat to Vitiate.
- Vitiate infinitely more powerful than any one of them plus has his own royal guard militia to wipe out anyone he doesn't himself kill.
- Vitiate is planning to attack the Republic soon, like really soon as in the next month or so
- You start noticing the faults of Nyriss
- The minions of Nyriss are nipping at you and looking for any way possible to undermine you
- You're watching over a Jedi master for 5 years who has essentially the same purpose as the council but is unencumbered by unreliable alliances
- another Jedi master comes along just as Nyriss is about to snuff you out if you don't play ball and get roped in to the intrigues of betrayal with the other council members, all while sith minions are gunning for you too.

Sure, after rescuing Revan they could have regrouped but don't forget if they tried taking off in the ebon hawk to return to Republic space, everything was on lockdown and martial law by then. They'd have been shot down before they made it off Dromund Kaas, or have been outnumbered and overwhelmed in space.

Also the Republic at large is still realing from Malak's destructive campaign by this time. Not to mention weary from a shadow war waged by the sith triumvirate. Plus it was on the verge of economic collapse. G0-T0 may have been a corrupt disloyal droid but he was right about the utterly bad shape of the galaxy. The Republic's forces were still weak and battle weary.
It would not have been prudent to wage yet another war while the Republic was weak and still recovering. Even if it was a preemptive strike.

While the Sith Empire was itself isolated and wary of another war with the republic even after a millennium, it was still quite fresh and full of resources and actually was itself ready to go to war. While it was in disarray at this particular moment and would remain so, the Emperor himself had direct control of everything. If the Republic's invasion failed, the rest of the galaxy would be S.O.L.

Waiting for the Republic's recovery would have also lost the opportunity to attack. It would taken years to even mount a proper offensive, by which time the Sith Empire would have shored up its own problems.

The only advantage I can see this would have brought was making the Republic at large aware of the existence of the Sith Empire.

So unless I missed something, I really don't see how else it could have worked out.

Personally, Between Kotor 3 or a Novel, I rather had a Kotor 3 than a Novel. I don't see the need of the novel in the first place. Revan and Jedi Exile's stories are over before the Novel was even thought of.

No I am not angry at Drew. I do think the Novel is very broken based with the fans themselves.
Perhaps so. I'm not sure I myself see any reason for this novel as anything more than a tie-in. And a different story could have taken place. Yet this is what we wound up with in reality.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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