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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
Yesterday was my 17th birthday and as a surprise, my foster mother bought me a 10 hour driving lesson block, with the first two hours being yesterday. It went okay, but I kept "kangarooing" and I couldn't figure out clutch pressure and such. Either way, it was nerveracking, my vision appeared to blur under the nerves and the car seemed smaller than it was. I guess all I want to know is, does it soon get easier and better or does it take a long time?
Oh yes, it gets much easier as you get used to it. It's just like riding a bike. One day you'll be crying your eyes out because your dad let you go after he took the training wheels off, the next you'll be cruising down the street like you own it. Just something everyone gets comfortable with after some time behind the wheel.

Don't worry, you'll start loving the idea of driving a lot more when you realize how many possibilities it opens up in your life! Good luck!

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