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As for me, I am in the Less is more camp comes to Revan and Jedi Exile. Due to there is no way to not piss fans off. Keep in mind I have issues with the Entire Star Wars EU due to Overpowered force users in general. Of Course I do like having strong force users but Not the God Modes as of Vitate, Luke, Sidious and the Ones.

If I was writing, I would have Revan and Jedi Exile sow the seeds of mutual Destruction of the Sith Council as Much as the Sith Emperor thru many methods including terrorism, intelligence and other methods. If Sith Emperor is strong as he claims to be, Instead of facing down the Sith Emperor himself in a stupidly brazen manvuer, weaken his support. And It is very common to have Sith Lords to have dark side artifacts and other things to draw power on. There is nothing wrong with having a Powerful Sith Lord but he needs a weakness to prevent him to becoming a Boring Invicible Villain Or God Moding.

I can easily do a what if Post if Revan was a Mary Sue in many forms.
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