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Everything is looking good right now...going to do a little homework, have to give a persuasive speech next week or so, doing it on joining the national guard, it's like a bonus mission for me, because there is more than a reward other than an A for doing good, i may get leads for a recruiter, and in turn if they sign up, I will get a Recruitment and Retention Ribbon, which is worth some promotion points!!! Also it will help me if I ever want to be a recruiter's assistant, or a recruiter, I'll have some experience, which is great.

too my Marlin 981t, .22 rifle to the range today to zero her in for squirrel season...50 yard range, only took 6 bullets to get her zeroed! Afterwards I went scouting for a hunting spot closer to my place, and found an awesome location. Walked in the woods there for an hour, once squirrel season opens I think I'll take a dive deeper into the woods there, I was only about 1km from my car. Wanna go about 5km in, less traffic noise, which the animals don't like.

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