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So apparently Capcom is in, like, really big financial trouble.

Strange. Haven't heard about it.

My roomate and I were talking about it the other day. Less than $200M (USD) in their bank.

While I wouldn't say they're dead just yet, if they don't get a more competent CEO or something, if they don't wake up and pull their head out their arse they will join the rank of the game company ghosts--or whatever you call them.

Understand this is very much a 'what if' thread and that of opinions.

I'd wanted to make a poll of which company do you think will buy which game franchises in the theoretical demise of Capcom but too many options too many games, too many companies, too many possibilities.

What I do know is they haven't been listening to their fanbase on certain things lately. Putting out 'meh' games instead of what has been asked for.

I am in the camp of people wishing for a third Mega Man Legends. I was aware of past friction between Capcom and the Megaman franchise's creator Keiji Inafune. Apparently he split to work on his own now and there's news of his current little project here, here, and here. Oh and for those who twitter... Tweet? (I don't!)

For those not in the know, here are the game series franchises produced by Capcom (off the top of my head):

Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, Capcom versus and/or VS Capcom, Captain Commando, Monster Hunter, Final Fight, and numerous other obscure titles I'm sure exist but I can't conjure up right now.

It could be Capcom just bites the dust and rights to their intellectual properties would be up for grabs, or it'd be a complete buyout of the entire failed company.

Of the likely buyers I'd say those most likely to see something to profit from would buy rights to various franchises. IMO these would be...

Team Ninja

For example I could definitely picture a BIG fighting bid over the rights to Street Fighter. I put EA at the top because they seen to buy out everyone. Microsoft Second in the same regard.

I put Disney in since they own Marvel and given Marvel's past with Capcom, that'd be a very valuable addition indeed. Plus Capcom published quite a few of Disney's productions years ago.

Nintendo, if only to snag Megaman. If the blue bomber was one of the recent additions to the new Super Smash Bros. then I would say the past history of this particular franchise for Nintendo consoles being the majority, They'd have a sizable interest, without a doubt, in buying this up. I sincerely doubt MMX9 will ever happen but the seem poised to do the same as its predecessor already has. Just gotta wait maybe a decade or more.

Darkstalkers...well obviously this franchise has potential. If one of the aforementioned companies doesn't buy it, I can see Sony, Bandai-Namco, team ninja, and SNK all fighting for it.

Monster Hunter...That one is a little tough to call who'd buy it.

The others...will float about in outer space until someone takes pity and retrieves them.

I make these predictions based on past relationships between these companies and Capcom.

What do you make of all this? Which companies do you think will buy what franchises? Why?

I'd be interested to hear.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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