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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I don't see Capcom going down.

If a worst case scenario happens with them, the most likely thing to happen would be to merge with another Japanese developer. one that's not Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft or any other developer that's allied itself to any of the big hardware manufacturers.
Such as whom?

I also don't see the IPs being sold off or split up either. Capcom is doing a lot of stupid things, but they're no where near the level at which THQ was hemorrhaging money.
Well no, they're not flat broke and wisely holding back. So...

So yeah... the scenario you've pointed out in your OP is... silly.

Capcom is doing stupid things, but they'll end up staying alive for a very long time to come.
*shrug* It was the first I'd ever heard of it. So I figured "if that's really true, who'd buy them out?" just to occupy the meantime.

I'd figure it'd be all over the news if it was really close to actually happening.

So since you offered an alternative, above, who's you thinking about 'theoretically' buying it whole?

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