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last night i got myself microsoft office 2013 university edition, an ear wax cleaning kit (i want to hear again...will help alot when hunting), and a toaster oven. toaster ovens are the ****.

i got microsoft office because the class we have is only an hour not even an hour long and i missed a day and had to play catch up, this way i can do the assignments outside of class and get a decent grade, hopefully go from a b+ to an a.

learning how to divide polynomials, that's alooooooot easier than the last **** we learned. the last **** we learned made me fail my a 22. yay me. alot of people did poorly on that quiz, from what i heard that's the hardest thing in the class everything else is fairly easy to learn. also, learned that the teacher uses the even number problems for the i'm not normally one to cheat, but this could provide me with a passing grade...lmao

getting paid pretty well from UC, and now im gonna see why my gi bill hasn't paid me my housing allowances....plan by next year is to have over 10k in my bank.

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