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"Perhaps we should draw up the battle plan and when Alpha Leader returns we'll be good to go."

"Agreed." Belina said thoughtfully as one of the comn lines began to flash, showing that an incoming transmission was coming in.

"If you'll all excuse me for a moment. I have to answer this." She said as she gave a last look at Kol Skywalker before moving off to the far corner of the room.


"Alright. Do it. We'll cover."

Varith nodded and grabbed a thermal detonator from off his best and than another one. The second one was a bit smaller but it had the same explosive power.

He placed one of them at the top of the door on the left side and the second one at the bottom right hand side of the door. The blast would most likely destroy a good portion of the door, enough for them to get through.

"Fire in the hole." Varith shouted as he force jumped backwards.
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