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@ supreme kotor: But Arc System Works is nowhere near big enough to actually buy out Capcom if it came down to it.

As for Resident Evil... Resident Evil: Revelations is actually pretty good and was released just before RE6.

The problem with Resident Evil and every other survival horror game... rather, what started out as survival horror, is the fact that the more you do of the same, the less effective each game is compared to the previous. That's why developers always feel like they need to change their next game to something else... that combined with the view that they have to do Call of Duty sales numbers and therefore try to appeal to that crowd and you end up getting something like Resident Evil 6...

On the other hand, Resident Evil 5 wasn't a bad game, it was just a mediocre Resident Evil game... and as for Revelations, it was able to be good because it didn't have pressure put on it that RE6 did. Capcom needs to take a step back and treat Resident Evil like a smaller game series instead of a big blockbuster series that has to tick certain boxes because executives said so. |

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