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situation developing....

that one girl that blew me off cause she had a teacher/parent meeting to attend nearly begged me to help her out, well it was more of a subtle thing. her situation is she is feeling hopeless, sick of not being able to "live"...she has a learner's permit but nobody out where she lives has a vehicle with autmatic transmission or they're too nervous to teach her how to drive (parallel parking, backing up, etc) cause alot of them have newer cars.

note: this girl lives 2 hours away, and has 4 children, 2 of which i'm sure live with her at her mother's house.

I mentioned that my car is automatic, not really implying anything, and she replied that she has off thursday and friday from work. I have a full day open on thursday to do whatever, but...i'm not sure if i want to considering the distance to travel, and the awkwardness of it mainly considering the fact that she has children. I enjoyed every chance I had working with her at walmart a few years back, but I just don't see this going anywhere besides just a friend but I also feel that she is just going to "use me" however, she seemed desperate enough to let me in on the fact she tried to kill herself already with sleeping pills and she doesn't want her kids to see her crying in a room by herself. idk what that's all supposed to mean.

So here I am, asking my fellow xwa peeps for some help in this matter, i need to know by sometime tomorrow. Should I go out of my way to try and help this person, or should I stay away?

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