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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
haha **** **** up, keyan. :P is this the same girl that was dating the guy who was deployed?
No, that was a different girl. She broke up with that guy. She might be seeing someone else now, I'm not sure. She's kinda...maybe not that nice, though.

This is a girl I met in New York last year. I'm not going to see her to mess anything up for her. I kind of thought she might break up with the guy she was seeing since he's going to be in grad school in Europe for another 5-7 years, and I thought they had certain incompatible elements. So when the opportunity came to visit a friend in San Jose I saw it as an opportunity to see her again (since she lives there), spend a little time with her, get to know her a little better, let her get to know me a little more, and so on. So I got in touch with her, set everything up, and then a few days later she got engaged. If she had gotten engaged a few days before, I probably wouldn't even be going.
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