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So yeah... that video is stupid.

A lot of developers aren't porting stuff over to next-gen and aren't even porting stuff over to Wii U. The reasoning this guy tries to give is just plain silly. I can easily turn this around and say that Capcom ported over Resident Evil: Revelations, a 3DS game to 360, PS3, Wii U. Why? Because they knew they could get people to buy the game on those platforms due to their high (at least for 360 and PS3) install bases.

So why aren't we getting USF for PS4 and XBO? They have no install bases and I don't care how many pre-orders the systems have, unless the budget for USF included the money to port the games to the next-gen systems to begin with, it was never going to happen. The decision was made and Capcom stuck with it and decided "we'll spend this other bit of cash on something else, USF on 360 and PS3 will make us enough money"... I see that as a smart decision but this guy is acting like "oh noes, it's not comiung to next-gen therefore Capcom is doomed" reminds me of people from Miiverse (that's bad).

Capcom has made a lot of bad decisions but they've also made a lot of good decisions too... though, I guess you have to be playing on a Nintendo system to see a lot of those good decisions XD |

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