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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
The person attempting to commit suicide isn't trying to hurt themselves or others, they're trying to end/stop whatever is hurting them.

This is a poor analogy, but when you're on fire and there's no way to put it out and the only way you know of to stop the unimaginably painful burning is to take your gun and shoot yourself in the head to finally stop it once and for all... it doesn't seem like such a ridiculous thing to do. It doesn't matter if there are people who are there trying to put out the flames unsuccessfully who care about you and are trying to help you. At the point, the only thing that matters is stopping the pain, no matter the cost.
The biggest difference to me between this situation and the kind of suicide we are talking about is that the type of pain you're referring to would inherently kill the person regardless, and I don't look at it the same way as someone who does it because they are so desperate to get rid of the emotional pain that they feel. For example, I don't judge people that jumped out of the twin towers on 9/11 for a last few gasps of air or because they wanted to go out on their own terms, or they just didn't know what else to do; however, I do judge someone who has family/friends who care about them but decide to end their life because of emotional damage.

I can't even fathom what it's like to be in the state of mind that I'd seriously consider killing myself, but I still know that it goes against my opinions of nature to kill yourself (in instances not related to the one you described).

I'm sure that makes me a judgmental person, but suicide is a touchy subject for me, and I can't help but just be angry at a person who commits suicide like that.

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