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To the topic, That's a bumper sticker. It's not any real argument against suicide. The arguments against suicide vary based on the individual. One friend of mine was suicidal because he was going through a divorce. That friend of yours who wanted to commit suicide because of his parent's dieing, is actually a temporary problem. The parents are dead. The problem is how he takes that temporary depression. Should I commit suicide because my sister was murdered when I was young? No, I am not still depressed over that. It was a temporary depression. The truth is that people make the stupid decision to end their lives because they THINK there is no other solution.

Some people have a very valid reason. But those are much more rare. Chronic illness, extreme pain, Being burned to death. I can understand those. But some people let their piddly problems become a reason to kill themselves. I lost a boyfriend WAAAAHHHH! I lost a girlfriend WAAAAAAHHH! I've been picked on WAAAHHH! Gimme a break. You ain't the only one who's had that happen to you, and there are people much worse off who are willing to stick it out. Go volunteer at a children's hospital where they have kids dieing of varying diseases. Go ask one of them if they would trade places with you, and most would do so in a heartbeat. Suck it up.

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