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Biting point? I assume that when the clutch begins to grab the flywheel?
In that case, it's the point at which you can begin forward momentum. As you lift off the clutch you begin adding throttle so that you can get going. Stopping, you simply push the clutch all the way in, to allow for a gear change(to first).

I love manual transmissions. Sadly the US auto makers seem to have forgotten how to make them. I mean even the Diesel TRUCK(pickup, not lorrie/18 wheeler) I drive had no manual trans option. But there are many advantages of automatic transmissions. Two hands on the wheel during turns. One handed driving for those without the second hand. One foot driving. Long stop and go traffic(I swear one time I though my clutch leg was going to fall off... Probably the WORST time to have a racing clutch)

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