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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
And that there is the problem.

Someone is looking for help and all they get in return is ridicule, condemnation, mocking and other related asshattery.

Sure, some people may have reasons for suicide that seem silly, but giving them **** for it has a much larger chance of reaffirming their view that suicide is what they need to do rather than convincing them otherwise.

If you know someone who is thinking about suicide and it's obvious, it's them saying "help me" to whoever will listen and what do they get? "Suck it up."

Yup, peachy.

EDIT: Also take into account that different people have different thresholds for physical and emotional pain. Also, consider that just because something works for one person doesn't mean that it can work for everyone. People find strength in different ways, and telling them to suck it up isn't going to help a lot of people... it could even make things WORSE for them and lead them to this very end.
Slag off with that. I've dealt with MANY people who were on the verge of suicide, and some of them really needed a kick in the pants to get them to wake up(my close friend it required a punch in the nose to wake him up). Look at the THIRD SENTENCE in that post. I start with compassion, and finding out what their issue is. My "suck it up" is my frustration about the reasons some give for wanting to kill themselves. So far the majority of the "excuses" people give are just them over-inflating smaller issues. Sure it sucks to lose a family member. My sister was more of a mother to me than my real mother, as she was the one raising me. Her murder at the hands of some rapist affected me, I won't lie. But adding to the death count solves nothing, and is just me being selfish.

too many people think that the only way to handle them is to coddle them. Not true. In several cases you actually have to force them to realize that they are much better off than they realize. But again. Take it on a case by case basis. You can't come up with some easy to define slogan like "Temporary problem solved in a permanent way" to define the millions of different people out there. Some really need medication to handle the emotional crap that's killing them on the inside. I've seen a few of them. I volunteer with counselors and victim advocates. One of the toughest women I met was a rape survivor who actually had her throat cut. Even as tough as she was, she admitted that she needs help. If you want a slogan, Suck it up is better than the temporary problem line. If you want to help a person who is suicidal for real? Seek out professional help.

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