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I didn't like the tone of your post, and felt it was kind of rude. But whatever, not important to the discussion. I'll edit it out if it's that big a deal to you...
At any rate... Having actually dealt with persons through being the first one called to "talk someone down" I can state that more often "suck it up" works better than "It's okay." It seemed to me that you were excusing suicide. I can never do that. I will never excuse suicide except for the extreme cases. It seemed that you were willing to give those who take the easy way out almost a pass. I'd rather try to save them as best I can.

Pro-tip: If you know someone who is contemplating suicide, get them talking. They usually want to finish what they are telling you before they go out. Keep asking questions. Even if the questions seem stupid in hind sight. If you can find a way over to their house to talk to them in person. Very few suicides are carried out in front of other people. Above all else, GET THEM HELP!

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