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I feel this needs to be said because of the sensitive topic the way things are worded in this post really needs to be carful. We all(yes I need to remember this too and I'm fully admiting it) need to remember a swift kick in the ass may be the solution to some problems but others that may just make it worse. Allow me to use one of my horrible analogies:
Lets say you need to make a nail go in farther, a hit with a hammer will solve this problem. But if you need to fix a crack ok your windshield a hot with a hammer will only make the problem worse. So lets all just please watch what were saying.

More focused on the subject though, another thing people have to realize is someone I care about helping me through the situation is a solution to suicide. And I promise you the areguement I listed above is the first thing any inexperienced person will go to. Even if you google how to help someone in considering suicide that argument is almost always listed.

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